1meter/Lot Rubber Magnet Magnet-Tape-Width Self-Adhesive Flexible 30--1-Mm 20mm/30mm

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1x 1meter/Lot Rubber Magnet Magnet-Tape-Width Self-Adhesive Flexible 30--1-Mm 20mm/30mm

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Product Name: Anisotropic Rubber Magnetic Stripe

Product Specifications: 10mm 20mm 30mm x 1mm wide back imported 3M double-sided adhesive  width 10mm 20mm 30mm thickness 1 mm
Surface magnetic field: 600 Gauss 
Operating temperature: less than 80 degrees Celsius
The main material components of rubber magnetic strips currently available are: 85%~92% Barium or strontium ferrite magnetic powder, 5%~9% CPE.
Mainly used in refrigerators, kitchen appliances, bathroom facilities, doors and windows,windows screens and so on. Because of its moderate suction, good sealing performance, wide temperature range, Easy to open and durability, it is widely used in various industries.
Mainly used in:
1. Door seals for refrigerators.
2. Used in heat-resistant seals such as disinfection cabinets.
3. Used in the door sealing of liquor cabinet, etc.
4. Used in the door seal of sanitary facilities and sauna rooms.
5. Sealing for window screen.
The magnetic strength of the magnetic strip is 600 Gauss. 1 square centimeter vertical magnetic attraction 70g, The suction is weak and it is not possible to absorb heavy objects.
1. because of the special use of rubber magnetic strip, its surface magnetic field is only 600 Gauss, the suction is weak, can not absorb heavy objects.
2. the rubber magnetic strip is relatively soft, can be bent at will, and can be cut at will.
3. when buyer received The magnetic strip, the magnetic strip is a roll. When using it, please flatten the magnetic strip. The larger the contact area between the magnetic strip and the adsorbed object, the greater the magnetic attraction.IMG_20190509_164537IMG_20190509_164625IMG_20190509_164642IMG_20190509_164715IMG_20190509_164736IMG_20190509_164757[S$S5Z(DP8U)9D1NN5C1K3N

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