Garage-Door-Opener Chamberlain Liftmaster Remote-Control Electric-Gate MOTORLIFT 94335E

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1x Garage-Door-Opener Chamberlain Liftmaster Remote-Control Electric-Gate MOTORLIFT 94335E

Kindly note

Our remote is the COMPATIBLE / REPLACEMENT /CLONE remote , not the original one .


1.Type of programming: Programming with the receiver 2.Number of channels: 4 3. Code: rolling code 4. Frequency: 433.92MHz 5.Woring Range: 10-50 m (open space) 6.Remote come with Battery !!! 7.Size:62*34*11mm Security of use: dynamic code provides a high level of security, non-copyable code. Disclaimer:Your Old remote must be same as the advertisement , new remote do not compatible with other remotes .

Compatibility list:

84330E, 94334CE, 94333E, 94334E, 94335E, 9747E,1A5639-7, 1A5477, 1A6487, 132B2372, D-66793, WICKES156105, 84333E, 84335E, 8747E, 84330EML, 84333EML, 84335EML, 8747EML, 94330E, 94330EWK, 94330EML, 94333EML, 94335EML, 94334HD, GC844, CG844, C840, C940, C943, C945, CM842, CM844, CM128

This remote is compatible with the following remotes:

All remotes Liftmaster remotes starting with "9443", including 94330E, 94333E, 94335E, 94330EWK, 1A5639-7 All Motorlift remotes starting with "8433" and ending in "EML", including 84335EML, 84330EML, 84333EML. This Remote is not compatible with 4335e, 4330e and 4333e remotes (these are without an 8 or 9 ) !!! This remote is compatible with the following openers: Garage Door Openers: Motorlift ML700, ML750, ML850, LiftMaster LM5580, LM600, LM800, LM1000, RDO, Chamberlain GPD60 Gate Openers: ART300, LYN300, LYN400, SUB300, SCS300, SLY300, SLY500, SLY1000, SLY1500, SLY1800.

How to program

1) Press the programming button on your motor. The LED will go on. 2) Press desired button on the new remote control. 3) The opener light will flash, confirming successful programming. Now the opener will operate when the remote control push button is pressed. To erase all codes from the receiver, hold the receiver's Learn button until the indicator light goes off (after 6 seconds). All codes that the receiver has learned will be erased.


Remote Control Battery Keychain English Manual

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