KADS Gel Builder Gel-Brush Poly Acrylic Round Flat Crimped Sable 100%Kolinsky Red UV

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1x KADS Gel Builder Gel-Brush Poly Acrylic Round Flat Crimped Sable...

  • 100% brand new and high quality, perfect for professional and personal nail salon 
  • This brush with a round flat head,and the head was crimped which make it become the most perfect brush for gel builder.
  • Brushes made of 100% Kolinsky hair are widely known to be the finest available, offering spectacular artificial nail-fashioning results. 
  • This brush is round,which was crimped at the base of the brush, which makes a flatter belly while still maintaining a tapered point for precision and control.
  1. Head Mterial: 100 Kolinsky Sable 
  2. Handle Material: Red Wooden
  3. Length: As the picture shows
  • Please clean brush with brush cleaner or Nail varnish after receiving and before first use.
  • Always clean a good quality brush thoroughly after each processing session with brush cleaner or varnish monomer. 
Package contains:
1PC 6# Kolinsky Acrylic  Nail brushes
1PC 8# Kolinsky Acrylic  Nail brushes
1PC 10# Kolinsky Acrylic  Nail brushes
1PC 12#  Kolinsky Acrylic  Nail brushes
1PC 14#  Kolinsky Acrylic  Nail brushes
1PC 16#  Kolinsky Acrylic  Nail brushes
1PC 18# Kolinsky Acrylic  Nail brushes
1PC 2# Kolinsky Acrylic    Nail brushes
1PC 4# Kolinsky Acrylic    Nail brushes
1PC 6# Kolinsky Acrylic    Nail brushes
1PC 8# Kolinsky Acrylic    Nail brushes
1PC 10# Kolinsky Acrylic    Nail brushes
5PCS Pink  Kolinsky Acrylic    Nail brushes
Brush Care & Tips:
Proper use, together with correct care and cleaning will ensure your brushes have longer life. 
Storage is important - always keep aired and whenever possible, in the upright position. Natural hair needs to breathe in order to prevent mold growth. Keep your brushes out of direct sunlight.
Try to keep handles dry, to prevent them from loosening and cracking. When you dip the head into liquid monomer or brush cleaner, try to keep the liquid level below the crimping and only wet the ferrule.
Moulting or shedding hairs from a new brush is a normal process. Once the brush is broken in and following a few application sessions, the moulting will stop.  Always thoroughly rinse a new brush with brush cleaner or liquid monomer before first use.
Always clean a good quality brush thoroughly after each processing session with brush cleaner or liquid monomer. DO NOT USE ACETONE - it will remove the shine from the bristles and make acrylic tacky and buildup residue.  Remove as much moisture as possible with paper towel and reshape before storing.

If you wanna NO logo brush, please remark when you payment, or leave message to us.




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